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To have you registered in the Web-Client you should provide the following information:

  1. Name and email of an individual who will administer the Web-Client within your Company;
  2. Repository code of your Company;
  3. Cryptography type (GOST or RSA);
  4. Public key file (.cer) where we encrypt your Login and Password to have access to the Web-Client.

To obtain a certificate file (.cer):

  1. run the Certificates storage through menu Start  ll Programs→MOEX EDS PKZI or MICEX  APK Client (depending on the type of cryptography)→Certificates storage;

  2. go to Certificates by selecting the Certificates storage in the sidebar→Local Certificates storage→Certificates (Fig. 1);

    Fig. 1 – switching to Certificates

  3. select the certificate of your organization from the list (Fig. 2,1), right-click to open the shortcut menu, select Export to a DER  file (Fig. 2,2);

    Fig. 2 – selecting certificate

  4. save the file to your computer;

  5. send the file to the email

In response, the counterparty receives a letter, containing the URL of the Web-client, a login and a password for the account. See also Web-client's System Requirements section.

URL of the Web-client in the production framework RSA and GOST —

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