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If you have sent the message to the repository, and the repository system rejects it because the message will not be displayed correctly ('?' characters are displayed instead of normal cyrillic symbols ( Fig. 1)), we recommend to set the Russian language as the default for programs that do not support Unicode in the operating system control panel.

Fig. 1 – rejected report 

To do this:

  1. open the Control panel and select section ClockLanguage and Region ( Fig. 2);

    Fig. 2 – control panel

  2. click on Change location (see Fig. 3);

    Fig. 3 – language settings

  3. open the Administrative tab ( Fig. 4.1 ) and click Change system locale (Fig. 4.2);

    Fig. 4 – go to the system language search                              Fig. 5 – selecting the system language

  4. select Russian language (see Fig. 5.1) and click OK (see Fig. 5.2). This opens a window requesting to restart the computer, where you should click Restart now (Fig. 6).

    Fig. 6 – restarting the computer
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