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In some cases the technical support needs to look at an XML file of a message, with which a client got a problem. The XML file can be obtained by copying XML text in the message preview form into a text file (Figs. 1 and 2).

Fig. 1 – Message preview form                                             Fig. 2 – XML message

In the Registry form the xml file can be downloaded automatically by clicking on the toolbar, which opens by hovering the mouse over the row in the table.

A ready xml file can be downloaded on the stage of document preparation in the create/edit message form. To do this:

  1. click Validate (Fig. 3);

    Fig. 3 – Validation
  2. go to the Message section (Fig. 4.1) and click Save file ( Fig. 4.2). As a result the xml message will be downloaded to your computer.

    Fig. 4  Message section  

The xml file should be sent to technical support at for further analysis. When contacting support by email, please provide your phone number.

If the screenshots display sensitive data (e.g., invoices), this type of information needs to be hidden.

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