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Indicates whether the conditions under this contract are valid or not: archived the document is not valid, active the document is valid

Registration dateDate of document registration by the repository
Contract IdContract identifier the repository assigned at registration
InstrumentProduct type (for example, a repo transaction)
Master agreementIdentifier of master agreement under which the contract is created
Document statusDisplays document status: "O" active; "T" expired
Trade number for party 1Number of trade assigned by the first party of the master agreement (optional)
Trade number for party 2Number of trade assigned by the second party of the master agreement (optional)
PartiesParties to the contract
Value dateValue date
Payment amountThe amount currency
UTIUTI code (see Incoming/Outgoing UTI)
Non standard termstrade concluded without MA
Derigistration dateСontract termination date
Auto execution

Automatic closing of the contact on the date of the expiry of the contract (specified in the contract, point 1 on the figure below)

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Expirtaion dateThe date of the contract expiry (specified in the contract, point 2 on the figure above)

The background color of the Status column cells differs depending on the type of contract: archived (terminated) or active (Fig. 3). If the message contains an attachment, the icon  will be displayed.